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Let me help you get your products to architects so they can include them in their designs.
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Revit is the most widely used BIM tool by construction professionals worldwide. Manufacturers that offer their products as Revit files will have better chances of having their products chosen by various architects and engineers.


Revit families are a great way to promote your products to designers. However, quality BIM objects are sometimes hard to find. ProdLib is changing this by offering a library full of quality Revit families from Scandinavia's best brands.


SketchUp is the world's most popular 3-D modelling software, loved by architects and designers everywhere. I can help you get professional-looking SketchUp models of your products.

Other 3D Software

Converting Revit models to other 3D file types is possible. The simplest way is to export it as FBX and open it in software like Maya, Cinema 4D, 3ds max or Blender. I can then add more detail upon request.

2D CAD Drawings

Ready to present 2D CAD drawings for your customer's construction drawings or floorplans? CAD drawings can be generated quickly and easily from BIM objects.


Having your products as BIM objects helps many architects, engineers, and contractors visualize all the details to the construction team and improve communication.

Native BIM Assets

BIM only works properly if the assets used are native to the software. 3D models from other software that aren't compatible will break the features and make the files large and inefficient. You can end up with an asset management nightmare.

We use proven guidelines to create consistent families for your Revit project. In collaboration with ProdLib, we equip you with the best BIM objects. The result? You get fully functional and efficient families that are native to Revit.
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Official ProdLib Partner

I have been creating content for ProdLib since 2018, but the launch of ProdLib Lite is the most inspiring thing to come. ProdLib is a BIM content library that thousands of architects and engineers worldwide love to use. It is an easy-to-access library where manufacturers of construction parts, furniture, and building materials can share their BIM objects with designers and boost sales.
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My Promise

99.9% Precision

The main goal of every family I make is to abide by industry standards. I ensure that the Revit families are accurate to 1mm, so your work goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

High Quality

I ensure every family functions correctly, has intuitive parameters, makes clever use of nested families, and has a small file size with correctly set visibility settings and materials.

Fast delivery

Like you, also, I wouldn't say I like delays. Therefore, we will do our best to complete the first families within the first 48 hours of the agreement. 50% money back if I fail.
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An estimate will depend heavily on the hours that are involved. It depends on many factors, including the complexity and number of families.
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Creating and accurate Revit BIM family
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